Where The Music Is Made: Stefano Mastronardi

Where The Music Is Made: Stefano Mastronardi's studio in Milan, Italy.


What is your favorite microphone?

The Blue Baby Bottle. It’s a condenser microphone with an average diagram. It gives excellent results on acoustic guitars and vocals. 
Of course, the SM57 is a great little microphone.

What is your favorite pre amp?

The Rupert Neve Portico. I use the 5017 that is both a D.I. that a microphone preamplifier. I use it always with guitars and bass to record both the direct instrument that the signal from the amplifier. Or I use the preamps from my old mixer, a Soundtracs MRX 24 channel from the 90s.

What is your favorite sample library?

I use many sample libraries: the Komplete Ultimate package from Native Instruments is a great tool. I also like Orchestral Essentials by ProjectSam when I need orchestral sounds. For piano sounds I found a great library from Imperfect Samples. I have also recently started using Rev from Output and I think it has many inspiring sounds.

My primary DAW is Logic X and sometimes I try new creative processes with Ableton, especially when I deal with electronic music.