Following Music Trends In Video: How To Keep Your Video Marketing Current

This post was originally published on the Vidyard blog. 

Finding captivating, relevant and creative new music for your video is challenging. On the one hand, the information age has brilliantly streamlined music discovery.  Information technology has made new sounds and music accessible in ways like never before. Unfortunately, the ability to follow trends and stay ahead of the curve is still agonizingly difficult. 
We get the struggle. Here are some tools that will help you to keep abreast of current sounds from today’s most creative music makers. 

Music Trends In Video. Staying current


How To Keep Your Video Marketing Current


1) Hire a Music Supervisor – Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Consult with an expert and let them curate music for you! It’s the job of a music supervisor to stay current with the latest trends in music. With a detailed brief, a music supervisor will be able to mine the depths of their catalog to pinpoint the track with the highest emotional impact for your project. This service is complimentary when using the Bedtracks library!
It’s important to remember that without connecting to your audience on a subconscious emotional level there is no platform to deliver your message. Music is the packaging that helps your customers feel good and connected to the message you want to convey.  Had Apple used poor packing and design for their product, it may not have had the impact that it does today. 


2) Demographics – Knowing your audience is essential!

Who is your target audience? Are they listening to current music or are their tastes rooted in the past? Is your goal to make the next critically claimed indie romance film or the next viral half-time commercial?  Getting inside the listening preferences of your audience can take your marketing and creative campaign to new heights. 
For instance, a demographic in their 30s or 40s won’t necessarily be plugged into today’s newest top 40 sounds. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it the right fit. Choose music for your brand that is relevant to your audience even if it’s several years in the past. Researching and knowing whether you’ve made the right choice can be daunting, but there are tools available to help you make the right decision. This brings me to my next point…


3) Next Big Sound 

NYC based company ‘Next Big Sound’ launched in 2009 and they currently lead the charge in analytics tracking of artists all over the planet. NBS uses data to tell you how an artist’s music will resonate with your target audience.  If you’re seeking a band with a fresh track for your production be sure to do some foraging on NBS.  Get some data to back up your hunch before you lock it down to video.


4) Music Blogs – A hub of information. 

Blogs have been around for Internet ages, but regardless of time, blogs are still a linchpin for discovering emerging artists. Blog writers are tastemakers. They hear and generate buzz on social media platforms. Here are some of our favourite blogs for finding new music: 

-    Neon Gold Records 
-    Said the Gramophone 
-    Birp! 


5) SoundCloud – The YouTube of new music.

Want to be the one giving bloggers something to blog about? SoundCloud is a place you should look for raw, undiscovered talent. When you need to pair your project with that sound no one has. The search filters and tags on Soundcloud make it super user-friendly when discovering new music. Think of what’s trending on Soundcloud as being six months ahead of pop radio. 


6) Greater Goods Co. 

Heard the perfect track by that independent artist on that trendy music blog? Our friends at Greater Goods have their thumb firmly planted on the most happening music of the times. Check out their site to get an idea of the music being placed most commonly in today’s television and advertisements.  They’ll be happy to license music to you from their stellar roster of artists. 
Don’t have a $100,000 music budget? Then come see us at Bedtracks. We’ll help you find a track in our library or custom-make the most relatable music for your project, on time and on budget.