25 Of The Best Video Production Blogs

Blogs. They're where we go when we want to learn something and in the world of video production there is a never ending amount to learn and apply. So, Bedtracks has curated 25 of our favourite blog resources for all things video: Post-Production, Equipment, Color Grading, Filmmaking and Storytelling.




Freelance film editor and writer Jonny Elwyn gives us his thoughts on post-production and working in as a creative in the video production industry. 

2. Rocket Stock.

This is a great resource for tips and techniques related to After Effects, motion design & video editing. 

3. Aotg. 

The Aotg is a community-driven source for post-production information. There are thousands of pages of articles and tutorials that are bound to cover the topic you wish to learn about. 

4. Creative Cow.

Similar to Aotg, Creative Cow is a community that is peer-to-peer supported for media production professionals. An excellent place to have questions answered!

5. Art of VFX.

Art of VFX is a great place to find news on the latest innovations in VFX. They will take you through breakdowns of VFX used in the latest Hollywood pictures. A great look behind the visuals of today’s biggest films. 

6. Bedtracks.

You’re on it right now! We think Bedtracks is an excellent resource for music and sound as it relates to video. Tips on choosing the best music for your video, legal rights when licensing music, staying up on music trends and much more! It can all be found right here.




1. Cinema 5D.

Cinema5D is for filmmakers and all those who are interested in new developments and technologies to help them bring their film & video projects to life.

2. Philip Bloom.

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 7 years of his 25-year career has specialized in creating incredible film-like images with low-budget video. You can find reviews by Philip on some of today’s newest cameras.

3. Red Shark News

Red Shark is a hugely knowledgeable resource for all things equipment and tutorials. We would say that this is a must bookmark site for all video makers. 

4. Pro Video Coalition.

Pro Video is a one-stop shop for all your pro video news updates and reviews. 

5. Cinescopophilia.

We love the amount of video reviews on Cinescopophilia. We’re video people after all! The level of content found here is on a high level. This blog is a ‘must bookmark.’  




1. Aaron Williams.

Aaron is a creative director, colorist, editor and motion graphic artist with over 10 years experience. He writes great articles on color grading. If you want to learn more on that, this is the place to do it. 

2. Learn Color Grading.

Here we have a great resource for tutorials on specific color grading techniques. Learn some practical color grading applications here. 

3. The Chris Hall Color Blog.

Chris has a great episodic series called ‘Anatomy Of A Grade’. You can find all the episodes on his blog.

4. Tao of Color.

Tao gives a nice range of interviews to tutorials all focusing on color grading techniques.

5. Hurl Blog.

The Hurl blog stems from the successful video production company, Hurlbut Visuals. They’ve been writing content on video production since 2009! And have become one of the most trusted resources on the net for all things video. Check out their post/color section.




1. No Film School.

Easily one of our favourite blogs on the net for anything film related. Excellent, tutorials and articles on film techniques and concepts. Informative, well written and entertaining!

2. Filmmaker.

Filmmaker magazine. Stay up on your favourite filmmakers projects and the latest in distribution and new releases.


Filmmaker IQ gives filmmakers the tools and inspiration they need to their dreams a reality. They offer courses, articles and forums where members can share their projects and give one another feedback.

4. FilmMaking LifeStyle

Film Life Style has great articles geared towards different realities a film maker will face. Here you will learn about how to run a successful video production company, covering topics like business, success, filmmaking and more.


5. Rocket Jump.

Rocket Jump’s film school offers a large variety of vlogs on different types of cinematography techniques and filmmaking concepts.  




1. Noam Kroll.

Noam is a very well rounded LA based filmmaker that has worked in many different capacities over the years in both TV and Film. He is primarily a director, cinematographer and colorist. His posts written on a wide range of subjects, but his articles on the importance of storytelling are some of our favourites. 

2. Still Motion Blog.

Still Motion gets right down to the heart of the matter…and that’s story telling. Here we have another one of our favourite resources for reading about the essence of an engaging video. This is another ‘must bookmark’ site for us. 

3. Lights Film School.

Lights Film School really nails what it means to create a professional narrative and documentary film. You can study filmmaking, produce projects, and meet talented friends and collaborators from around the world, all from the comfort of your home.

4. How To Story.

This is a very interesting blog on the concept of visual storytelling in all forms of media. Filmmaking, vblogs, video podcasts, marketing videos, documentaries…you name it! It’s all covered here. 

I hope this post has given you lots of new blog resources to learn from. Now I ask you...what are your favourite video production blogs?