Introducing Bedtracks' Stunning New Exclusive Catalogue

‘He not busy being born is busy dying.” - Bob Dylan

That’s exactly how we feel about the release of our mind-blowing new catalogue of over 70 current exclusive titles! 
We are excited to share this carefully crafted body of work with you, our creative clients. Each piece was written by an Ontario-based composer as a means to foster the Toronto music community and keep music production jobs in our local sector. 
Over the years, we have listened to the pains of the creative teams with whom we work. We would frequently hear the same grievances about non-exclusive stock music being ubiquitous throughout the music library market. Understandably, producers didn’t want to pay an expensive license fee for a track that could potentially be in their competitor's commercial! It became apparent that the desire for exclusive music was insatiable.
Our CEO, Oliver Johnson took this feedback seriously and knew that we needed to act to keep the demands of our client’s actualized. 

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Why did we choose these genres? After careful deliberation, we agreed upon a list of styles that we hear referenced most frequently in music searches from our clients. From that point on, we turned to our kick-ass team of composers and assigned each of them a genre that best suited their unique talents. What we got back was nothing short of spectacular. Each track is custom built to be video editor friendly. Here’s how.

Video Editing Friendly Music:

  • 2:00 min durations
  • All tracks have hard outs, no fades
  • Each track comes with cut down edits (1:00 min, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 seconds)
  • Stem breakdowns of each track
  • Tracks build in energy
  • Most tracks have 1-2 clean edit points. (Great for shortening or looping sections)
  • High-quality recordings

You will find editing with these tracks to be a breeze, and the stems/cutdown edits will give you magic flexibility when making a track fit perfectly to picture. Not to mention that the best part is that we know exactly where these tracks have been licensed previously. You can rest assured knowing that your music is not used by another production company or competitor. 

Visit the newly designed playlist web page to find our exclusive and non-exclusive playlists. Check it out here.


Electronic/Organic Underscore (check it out here)

A fusion of modern electronic sounds with organic instruments. These tracks are shroud in ethereal mystery and steeped in reflective thought. A perfect balance of gritty familiarity and daring futurism. 

writers; James McLeod, James Boyd, Jason Cliffen

Trailer Music (check it out here)

Hard hitting trailer tracks with every ounce of drama and tension squeezed in. Each track is blended to taste with adrenaline pumping cinematic orchestras and aggressive electronic textures. You will have your viewers on the edge of their seat before the 30-second mark.

writers; Rob McAllister

Boom-clap Folk Pop (check it out here)

Youthful and anthemic ear candy! Set the tone of your video to one of these positive and uplifting pieces of music. Sit back and watch as your story takes on a vibrant and reinvigorated sense of confidence.

writers; Tim Abraham, Mike Schlosser


Ambient/Folk (check it out here)

A beautiful collection of sounds embodying a balance of thoughtful ambience and reflective twinkling colours, mixed with an emotionally soaked acoustic sound palette. The textures of this album are assured to resonant within.

writers; Joshua Van Tassel

Hip Hop (check it out here)

Our hip-hop album jumps out of the speakers with creative tracks that confidently swagger in determination and foreboding mood. The modern production styles of these tracks will give your video next level vibe and energy.

writers; Sean Fischer, Cooper Maden, Rob McAllister

Indie Pop (check it out here)

Electronic pop and indie rock coalesce in this album to deliver an impressive pop flavour that inspires progress. Energetic, positive and teeming with inspiration.

writers, Jeff Eden, Alex Greggs


Upright Bass Underscore (check it out here)

Pure gold for TV series productions. Indeed underscore in nature, this album contains ten upright bass grooves delivering a variety of moods from scheming to swaggering to thoughtful reflection.

writers; Marc Rogers

Retro Tarantino Vibes (check it out here)

Influence taken from classic Tarantino movies brings us an excellent take on the soul/surf sounds of Tarantino's best work. Bringing a real authenticity to the music from the way it’s played to how it’s recorded and mixed. These musical historians deliver a swaggering, groove infused bag of tracks that are sure to give your next production a soul of its own.

writers, The Luvmenauts


You can get downloading tracks to audition in your production right now! It’s easy, sign-up here at
 We hope that these opening 70 premium-quality production tracks written by 14 of our top Ontarian producers will meet your creative needs. As for the future, this is only the beginning! We will be continually adding today's most relevant sounds to this catalogue. Music consultation services and music editing are complementary when choosing music from Bedtracks. Drop us a line on your next project and let us help you find the perfect soundtrack to your story. 
What are some of your grievances with stock music libraries? Which genres do you have a hard time finding? Let us know in the comments below!