A Great Soundtrack Improves A Video's Reach and ROI

Video marketing is an incredibly effective technique for business growth.

You don’t need us to tell you that; a quick search on Google will return countless studies about how successful video marketing is regarding generating new business, nurturing leads and creating opportunities for repeat business.

Probably the most important statistic, though, surrounds the amount of money that companies and marketers are investing not only in creating videos but in promoting them too.

Two-thirds of marketers in the US are investing in creating and sharing videos, especially for Facebook, while just over half are paying to promote their videos on YouTube. 

It’s easy to see why; according to Animoto, 64% of US adults say they’ve bought a product after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the past month.

With close to 2 billion monthly mobile users on this social media platform alone, creating and promoting an effective video can be an essential part of a brand’s growth strategy.

Visuals alone won’t help to close sales, though…

Those statistics make video marketing sound easy.

A video can indeed be an effective revenue generator as well as being enormous fun to create, but the quality has to be there too, or a campaign could have the opposite effect and turn potential customers away.

That means quality visuals, a quality message, and – most importantly – quality video production.

This combination can immerse a prospect in your brand story and leaves them in no doubt about who you are, what you have to offer and why you deserve their time.

For instance, studies show that male and female voice overs can provide different results for certain products in particular industries.

Bear in mind; it's important to consider the role of an individual voice talent within your video strategy. This can potentially be just as important as the visuals in complementing your overall message.

As well as the potential growth benefits, video marketing is a naturally exciting and creative form of content, and audio is a huge part of a video’s success.

According to research, people watching a video will retain 95% of its message compared to 10% of people reading the same message as text.

The strength of a video’s audio production can, therefore, make or break a creative campaign.

Studies show that if the audio quality is poor in a video, but the picture is sharp, viewers are likely to react negatively and dismiss it.

Vice versa, the situation appears to differ, however; a pixelated image with impressive audio is likely to get a more positive reaction from its audience.

Partnering with a professional voice talent agency for incredible results

Great audio isn’t just a case of using an expensive microphone.

Enhancing your video with pristine audio recorded in highly-controlled conditions with professional voice actors can make an enormous difference to the success of your video marketing strategy, and can even support your brand’s international growth ambitions.

If brands are planning to create a series of videos too, audio consistency is key.

Working with a professional service which can offer an enormous range of experienced and qualified voice actors, and access the best recording condition, can show a company in the best light possible.

To conclude, it can be well worth hiring the right voice actor with that special spark from an agency that practices the highest possible standards in audio production.

By reducing background noise and interference, recording in an isolated environment and technically refining the sound to give the best results possible, you can see an enormous positive impact on the reach of a video marketing campaign, and help your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This post has been written by Simon Luckhurst.

About Simon
Simon Luckhurst is the owner of Voice Talent Online, a UK-based company that provides end-to-end voice over and audio localization. He has 14 years' experience in audio production, localization, and business ownership.