Premiere Pro CC | 14 Must-Know Shortcuts

In recent years, Adobe has made strides into streamlining the video editing process. Achievements have been unlocked by including multiple stand-alone Adobe applications into the one and only Premiere CC Pro. This is big win for creativity! Our creativity can flow effortlessly with various Adobe suite applications at our fingertips. Not to mention the recent update has a new ingest workflow that creates proxies as you import large file sizes like 4K, 6K and 8 K video. The new workflow makes working with big files on lightweight machines like a laptop much, much easier. We believe this is why more and more video editors are making Premiere Pro their video editing software of choice.

Bedtracks would like to share what we believe to be the most fundamental ‘must-know’ shortcuts for faster and ultimately more creative video editing!

*If on a Windows system, Cmd = CTRL*


14 Must-Know Shortcuts

1. Save.

Cmd + S


2. Undo.

Cmd + Z


3. Navigate.

(SHIFT) + Up/Down/Left/Right


4. Editing Tools.

V, (SHIFT) + A, B, N, R, C, Y, U, P, H, Zoom


5. Trim the beginning/end of a clip.

Beginning: Q

End: W


6. Nudge Clip.



7. Speed & Duration Settings.

Cmd + R


8. Add Edit (Cut).

(SHIFT) + Cmd + K


9. Extend Previous / Next Edit to Playhead.



10. Add Transition.

Cmd + D


11. Link / Unlink.

Cmd + L


12. Export Media.

Cmd + M


13. Mark In / Out.

I / O


14. Mark Clip.


Here's a video demonstration of many of the short cuts we have covered here.