Finding Music For Video Has Never Been Easier | Use 'Sonic Search'

Finding the perfect music for a video has always been challenging. Often, you may find yourself with a song that seems like the music you want in your project but for whatever reason you can't use it. Maybe it's already part of an original score or it costs an astronomical amount to license? Whatever the issue that is preventing you from using the track that has the "it" factor you're looking for, you can harness your reference track's power with our Sonic Search. We have a tool that will allow you to find music that sounds similar to your reference within our library!

Bedtracks has licensed the technology to make music searching easier than ever! Simply drop a URL link into the search bar (i.e. YouTube or Soundcloud links) OR upload an mp3 from your computer.  

using Sonic Search to find music for your video.

Finding music for video with Sonic Search
Sit back, take a sip of coffee and let the results roll in.

Sit back, take a sip of coffee and let the results roll in.

Zero in on the part you want with the Sonic Search grabbers
  • Look for the new little arrow grabbers at the front and back of your reference track's waveform & timeline.


  • If you want to reference a particular section of the song, use the grabbers to slide over the waveform and isolate the start point and end point you're looking for.


  • Click the big "GO" and wait for your new results.


It’s so easy! Give it a try for yourself! If you’re too busy, just give us a call at Bedtracks. We have complimentary Music Supervisors that would be happy to look for music for your project. 

I hope you have found this article useful and that you will use Sonic Search on your next music seeking expedition!