What will get my tracks into a music library? 10 questions to ask yourself

So, you've been writing and recording music for a long time and amassing a large hard drive(s) of music. Perhaps, you've heard about music libraries and the concept of having your catalogue of music work for you and it sounds nice, but you aren't really sure how to proceed. Bedtracks is here to steer you in the right direction, so you can begin collecting sync fees/royalties instead of dust bunnies on your music catalogue! 

Writing production music for a music library

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Submitting Music to a Music Library


1. Have you submitted your tracks in the requested format


2. Does the track immediately conjure a mental image or scene that the cue could be used for?


3.  Is the mix and/or production of a high caliber and professional quality?


4.  Is the track relevant and current to a contemporary market?

A track might fit in a vampire movie from 1995 but does it fit in one coming out next summer? However, authentic vintage and classic sounds from any era are useful and will likely be accepted


5.  Does the track have a defined ending and not fade out?


6.  Does the track progress dynamically, evolve, and not sound overly repetitive?


7.  Is the track too similar to an existing song that may result in copyright infringement issues?


8.  Does the track stay with one idea/concept and not take any drastic left turns?


9.  Does the track have sound design that will interfere with the context of the picture?


10.  Does the track contain a version that is non lyrical? Oooo’s, ahhh’s and voice used as a musical instrument are fine.


I hope this post helps you find success with production music libraries. 

The team is always excited to see a cataloguer turn around, crank the speakers and say “hey guys, listen to this!”