Where The Music Is Made: Dean Wagg

Tell us about your studio?
Well here is my studio. I have seen some pretty small studios  in the ‘Where The Music’s Made’ feature but I don’t think there’s any smaller than mine! Almost all of my work is done ‘inside the box’ which is ironic because I feel like I’m sitting inside the box whilst composing. In all seriousness though I love this room. I have everything I need and I’m never happier than when I am creating music.

What is your favourite mic?
I have an AKG Perception 220 which I use for everything , including vocals, although of course if I sing I’ve then gotta get heavy on the Autotune. It’s a remarkably responsive Microphone for the price. 

What is your favourite pre amp?
I doubt any two people have the same opinion on this subject, anywhere in the world. At the moment I am enjoying using a 112dB Redline Preamp, which has a lovely warm sound to it and will go a long way to giving you that ‘pro sound’ without having to learn too much about how to use it, which appeals to me!

What is your favourite sample library?
It varies, depending on what I am doing, but I recently purchased Sonic Couture’s Pan Drum library, (which is compatible with Kontakt). I love their approach to making virtual instruments. They have such an organic feel about everything they do, and the price is ridiculously low considering the work and love that goes into them. I pretty much want to get whatever they bring out.
I have to say my favourite instrument of all though is my guitar. It’s the first instrument that I learnt to play and I still consider myself a guitarist first and foremost. I had to ban myself from picking it up and noodling whilst I’m supposed to be working!