Where The Music Is Made: Eric Tannery

What is your favourite mic? I am using a Mojave Audio MA-200 for vocals and acoustic guitars.  

What is your favourite pre amp?  My Focusrite ISA220 session pack quality is incredible.  

What is your favourite sample library?  These days I am using a lot of sound design and orchestral libraries.  For strings L.A. Scoring Strings and Symphobia.  I like Cinebrass for brass.  I love all my 8dio libraries for sound design, pianos and percussion.  I use all the Heavyocity libraries.  For choirs I like the Requiem samples.  Outputs Rev is another one I really like.  

And any other specs? I use my Less Paul Standard and the Eleven Rack for all my guitars.  My interface is the Antelope Orion 32 and my DAW is Pro Tools.