Where The Music Is Made: Jarkko Hietanen

Favorite mic: I rarely have use for a mic, so I only have one for general use, which is the Rode nt-1

Favorite preamp: another thing I have no use for, at least yet. Mic is connected via mixer.

Favorite sample library: There are so many, each for different use. The Evolve series is still always handy regardless of its age. Recently purchased Signal by Output is great. Fazioli Ebony Grand Piano by Imperfect Samples gets used a lot, although I like the Giant from Native Instruments as well. Right now I am in love with the Scary Strings from Spitfire Labs.

My studio consists of two displays, a TV for video, sennheised HD 600 headphones, Creek OBH 21-SE headphone amplifier, monitor speakers, iPad, AKAI MPK88 midi keyboard, Waldorf Rocket synthesizer, Rode nt-1 Mic, 5 string Fender bass guitar, small analog mixer and terabytes of sample libraries and software synths

I have been making music for over 15 years and having started with EDM genres, I still return to those styles in various projects. My usual sound however is more cinematic with piano and strings driven emotional soundscapes. I also love to create subtle suspense cues but then again less subtle stuff is always a whole other fun of its own. Creating dirty distorted beats and crunchy saturated synths with a dark mood is something I can't get enough of at times too though, so I guess I simply tackle all sorts of different styles depending on the brief or state of mind.

Most memorable, or should I say coolest musical moment for me so far has been a promotional spot for Porsche Racing, featuring Patrick Dempsey, having my music playing through out the spot and complementing the overall impact of the film perfectly. The spot also won silver at the prestigious New York Festivals 2015.