Where The Music Is Made: Josh Doyle

What is your favourite mic?
I use several for different instruments but the one that gets the most love is my Gauge ECM-87. It sounds amazing on acoustic guitars and drum overheads. I choose it over my much more expensive mics every time.

What is your favourite pre amp?
I'm in love with my Universal Audio 4-710d preamp. It's actually 4 preamps in 1 and is both a tube and transistor!

What is your favourite sample library?
I would say that I use my Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate the most but there are some really great specialty companies that I couldn't live without like UVI's Mello and Realitone's Realibanjo.

And any other specs you'd like to include:
My favorite instruments are my 1960's era Gretsch drums and my 1970's Guild Starfire IV. I can record them on almost any track and it immediately gives the song a timeless warmth that no virtual instrument can replace... yet.