Where The Music Is Made: Joshua Van Tassel

What is your favourite mic?
My absolute favourite mic is the Sony C38B. I have a pair of them and find them really useful on basically any sound source I can throw at them. They're beautiful and warm sounding, and really shine on drums which is important to me as I do a lot of that. They give you the vibe of a vintage microphone without too much intense coloration to make it too muddy or dark.  

What is your favourite pre-amp?
I feel like this changes fairly frequently, but right now it's the Chandler TG2. I can push the pre-nput stage and really beef up the tone of the source, or not and just let it be a really nice clean tone. It's a really musical tool, and subtle changes in the input and output can really make a big difference.

What is your favourite sample library?
I feel like a bit of a fraud but I don't have a particular one that I use. Having the studio and a large collection of instruments paired with an amazing team of people who can play them really well, I'm lucky that I can usually create the sound I'm going for quite quickly with some help from my friends depending on what I need! I've also been slowly building my own library over the years from albums I've worked on with various drum, percussion, and found sound samples which always comes in handy.