Where The Music Is Made: Mario Andreano

What is your favourite mic? 

My favorite mic is my first and only large diaphragm "T.Bone SCT-700" for the only reason that I've never felt any need to change it, even though it's a low end mic. As a general rule I believe that if something gets the job done and you're comfortable with it, stick to it! :)

What is your favourite pre amp? 

Same rule applies for my preamp, I use the "Studio V3" from ART and I've been using it since the beginning, I feel it can very well adapt to my different sound needs and it's also great if you travel. A great value deal IMO.

What is your favourite sample library?

Well...there would be a lot of mentions here since I rely heavily on sample libraries...but if I have to choose one I would go with "Symphobia" because it simplified a lot of my work. An honorable mention goes to "Action Strings" because whatever string library you use, you can just add a layer of "Action Strings" and there you have a more "real" and "organic" sound (with the proper tweaks and adjustments of course).

As a final note I would like to add (especially for the newbies) that I've made some (most actually) of my best selling stock music tracks on a "Creative E-MU 0404 USB" interface...so...be creative, be passionate and work hard!