Where The Music Is Made: Rob Khurana




What is your favourite mic?

I have used a Rode NT-1 for many years as well as a Neumann TLM-103.  I also really go to my trusty Audio Technica 4051a…it’s a nice microphone for getting close and tight with an acoustic guitar.

What is your favourite pre amp?

Chandler Germanium and AMEK 9098

What is your favourite sample library?

I really enjoy anything from Spectrasonics especially Omnisphere which has been getting so much use from the day it was released.  I am really looking forward to the new Omnisphere 2 update!  I use a lot of the Native Instruments stuff as well and always love Massive on any electronic/ EDM based tracks.  It’s so versatile and easy to program.  The Quantum Leap libraries are all very useful as well and love anything from New York based Heavyocity.