Documentary Organization of Canada Special Rate Card

We love documentaries, and we are delighted to be able to offer Documentary organization of canada members these special preferred pricing options.

Please contact James Boyd if you have any questions.

We look forward to working together!


Music Package


Blanket License for the Bedtracks Library

$3900 for unlimited tracks or $150 per track.

Unlimited access to the Bedtracks Library of 50,000 production tracks. All tracks cleared for the world, in perpetuity.

6 minutes of scored music (Extra minutes can be negotiated)


Bedtracks has a roster of 300+ experienced composers from around the globe. Bedtracks will help select the perfect composer and work as a production mediator when needed to produce an outstanding score. From brief to delivery and any necessary revisions, each cue will be scored based on the desired sonic aesthetic and continuity for the documentary. All cues will be turned into stems that can be re-edited for different scenes to create sonic continuity.

Music Editor

$2500 for the entire film or $55 per hour

Our editors are composers making them skilled in the art of making each library track feel scored by adding or subtracting elements from the stems of the library tracks.

Music Supervision

$4000 for the film or $50 per hour

An expert, dedicated music and audio supervisor to source and suggest music cues and create playlists based on the vision. Manage the entire audio process and work with the producers/directors until their vision is realized from start to finish. This includes sourcing and booking talent, administrating all the necessary music clearances and agreements, booking sessions and creating cue sheets etc*.


Post Audio package



$3000 or $40 per hour

A dialog editor will import, and organize your production dialog to prepare for delivery to the mixer.


$3000 or $40 per hour

A sound effects editor will import, and edit any location audio you may want in your final production. They will also add any additional sound effects or sound design (rates are subject to change if heavy amounts of sound effects are required for the project).

Voice Over Rates

$1600 or $75-$100 per hour

Studio time at Soleil Sound (downtown Toronto) for Voice Over Record and Automated Dialogue Replacement (rates subject to change if there are there dramatic re-enactments, or if more than 10 hours of ADR required).

Premix/Attended Mix

$12,000 or $150 per hour.

The mixer will combine process and balance the audio elements of your production to the format of your choosing. The mixer will provide a 5.1 mix, stereo mix and stems**.



Priced individually as above or the entire package for $26,400 (save $5,600)

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For Canadian documentary film productions that have total budgets under $500,000. These prices are 20% off our regular rates and are for Documentary Organization of Canada members only.

*Does not include license fees for third party master and publishing copyright holders

 **Additional outputs and cutdowns subject to additional fee.