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What Type of Music Does Bedtracks Place?

Our focus is the bedtrack of a song, meaning a song without a dominating vocal or melody line, but we encourage you to send us both your vocal and non-vocal tracks. in terms of genre or stlye, we want it all! More important than genre is the quality of music that we provide our clients. It is our job to provide a resource for our clients looking to place music for their commericals, tv spots, webisodes, etc. If sending vocal music, we recommend sending a CD with both a vocal and non vocal version. This way, your music has a greater chance of being placed.

Who are we licensing your music to?

Our clients all have one thing in common: they are looking for music of excellent quality. After that, they each have unique requirements and needs. Some examples of use could include background music in a TV show, music for a commercial, video game soundtracks, promo spots, really aOur clients all have one thing in common: they are looking for music of excellent quality. After that, they each have unique requirements and needs. Some examples of use could include background music in a TV show, music for a commercial, video game soundtracks, promo spots, really anything.



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What happens when my music gets chosen for a project?

Bedtracks grants the client a synchronization license for a specified use and for a specified amount of time. The client then pays Bedtracks for the use of the music. We then send you the artist a cheque for fifty percent (50%) of the income, minus a small administration fee. Depending on the use, you may also be eligible to collect royalties from your Performing Rights Organization. Please see below for more information regarding PRO’s.

Do I get to decide who uses my music?

Sorry, artists do not have the ability to reject placement offers. Our clients use Bedtracks because of its quick and hassle-free music licensing system. By signing the agreement with Bedtracks, you commit to pre-clearance of your music for licensing.



Will I know when my music gets used?

We would love to...but we can’t. Due to the high volumes of placements and licenses, it would be a logistical nightmare. Often we do not know until we receive the cue sheets from the clients, which can arrive well after the production airs. However, you will be informed on your following pay period report, which gets mailed out bi-annually in January and July.



Does it cost anything to register with Bedtracks?

No, it doesn’t cost anything.



What if I get a publishing deal in the future?

Simple. Let them know that you have a non-exclusive deal with Bedtracks, and if for some crazy reason they do not want your music available through Bedtracks, write us a letter and your music will be removed by the following pay period, which fall in January and July of each year.

What if I already have a publishing deal?

Not a big deal. It is important that all parties that have control of any recording or mastering copyrights over music being submitted provide written consent on the Licensing Agreement. This will most likely mean your record company and your publishing company. When you submit the Licensing Agreement, list the names of all the parties involved, and ensure all the signatures are originals, and not photocopies.



What if i have co-writers on my tracks?

That's cool, as long as you are the majority shareholder of the track (51% writers share or greater). You, as the administrator of the track, are required to distribute payments to additional shareholders. 



What do I need to do to submit to Bedtracks?

To be considered as a composer in our library. Please submit a stream-able link of your ten best instrumental production tracks to artists@bedtracks.com for our review. Please be sure to also include your name and address in the email. 

These are our preferred streaming services;

- Soundcloud

- Dropbox (a link, not a shared folder)

- Box

- Hightail

- Reverbnation

Before submitting please have a look at this list of questions we ask ourselves while reviewing a track for the library.


What are the recording quality requirements for music being submitted?

All music must be high quality 24/16 bit, 48/44.1 kHz (.aif or .wav format). Any audio that has been compressed or converted from .mp3’s will be automatically rejected. There must be no location sound effects in the tracks (traffic, rain, nature sounds) or must send one version without SFX.  Key and BPM information should also be sent in, preferably in an Microsoft Excel format. All songs must have a clear and defined ending. No fade outs. 
We also greatly welcome your stems as these make a track far more placeable.
  • Possible Stem Breakdowns (for a maximum of 5 stems) : Drums, Bass, Lead instrument / hook, Guitars, Pads / Ambience / Strings, Keys, Percussion (or anything else that is an identifiable sonic element that will noticeably change the arrangement if added or taken away.)
  • Editors like to be able to pull out and add elements to help score the picture. Your chances of having tracks chosen goes up greatly when there are stems. It also creates an opportunity for the tracks to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound, a format that more and more broadcasters are making standard making the need for stems that much greater.
  • If tracks contain vocals, must have versions of tracks without these vocals.
It would be wise to check out the Reasons Bedtracks Rejects Music page prior to submitting as anything our ears deem to be of poor sonic quality will be rejected. And no one likes being rejected.



How long does it take?

Our screening process typically takes between 2-4 months due to the volume of music we receive. When we receive your submission and your License Agreement has been approved, Bedtracks will contact you via email. If your License Agreement or any info is missing, we will contact you to inform you of what is missing. Upon approval of your License Agreement, our screeners review your submitted music and decide which songs, if any, will be accepted into our catalogue and you will be informed via email of its acceptance status.



Can I submit songs that are written by more than one person?

Yes, but its important that every co-writer signs the licensing agreement. The licensing agreement you submit must contain all the original signatures of all co-writers, no photocopies, and no exceptions. Remember: you are personally liable if that former bassist of yours feels he deserves credit for that second verse he wrote back in ’98, so better to get everything cleared before submitting. Bedtracks and its clients take no responsibility and are indemnified of all legal ramifications by the License Agreement.



Can I submit cover songs?

No. Do not even think about it. I can tell you’re thinking about it and just stop.



Can I submit music with samples?

No, sorry, we do not accept music with samples. Remember that whole Vanilla Ice/Queen debacle? That didn’t seem like fun, so unless you provide us with undeniable proof of clearance of the sample, only then may we make an exception.



If my music becomes available through Bedtracks, can I submit music to other music licensing companies?

Absolutely. Our deal is non-exclusive, and we encourage musicians to take advantage of as many chances to pay off that Gretsch you still have 198 payments left on.  


How do I remove my music from Bedtracks?

You can remove your music after the initial one year Licensing Agreement period expires. Mail us a written request, and we will remove your music by the next pay period reporting date, which falls in either January or July of every year. Keep in mind we are unable to remove music that has already been placed, but has yet to air.




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How do I get paid?

Everything is split 50/50 between Bedtracks and the artist. When Bedtracks receives its payment from the client, a cheque is issued to the artist within sixty days of the upcoming pay period (which falls on either September 30th or March 31st) for fifty percent (50%) of the income. If the use of the song is eligible for royalties, Bedtracks splits the royalties 50/50 with the artist, with the artist receiving the writer’s share of royalties, and Bedtracks receiving the publisher’s share of royalties. The royalties that the artist earns is sent directly from the PRO, and not from Bedtracks.



What kind of money are we talking here?

Short answer: It depends. Long Answer: It’s complicated, and there is no average number we can forecast for you. Some artists can make thousands of dollars that accrue over time if the work is re-broadcast and sold to other countries. Some artists may make a large initial payment from something like a commercial. There are several factors that affect your payment, for example is it background or theme music? Is it being sold to international markets? Another factor is time. If your piece of music is played for a few minutes rather than a few seconds, your payment will be much higher. What we can say is that we are not in the business of lowering the value of music and we are here to ensure that you are compensated for your work.



Can Bedtracks split the payments between multiple musicians?

No. We send payment cheques only to the person authorized on the License Agreement. So the band member that’s always setting up the interviews and knows how to get to the venue, that’s the guy you want to be the authorized person.  


Do I pay taxes on the money I receive from Bedtracks?

Yes. We will issue you a tax form at the end of the year listing all the income you have received directly from Bedtracks.



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Why do I need to be a member of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

If you are a musician that has music being broadcast, you are entitled to royalties. If you are a member of a PRO, and your piece of music is eligible for royalties, your PRO will send you a cheque for the writers share of the royalties. Royalties are not issued by Bedtracks.



What can I expect in royalties?

Just like the initial payment, it all depends on the placement. Bedtracks splits the royalties 50/50, with you receiving the writer’s share of the royalties and Bedtracks receiving the publishing share of the royalties.



Do I have to register my music that gets placed with a PRO?

No, Bedtracks will register your song with SOCAN under the re-titled name Bedtracks gives your song according to our unique naming convention. What this means is that Bedtracks only collects money on our placement version of your music. This helps everyone involved manage each version of your work separately. 


How do I become a member of a PRO?

In Canada, the PRO is SOCAN, and to qualify for membership you must be able to prove that your music is being broadcast. If you currently do not qualify for SOCAN membership, and in the event of your music being chosen by a Bedtracks client, we will assist you in acquiring your SOCAN membership so that you can collect your royalty payments.



What if I do not live in Canada?

Then you will receive royalty payments from the PRO that you currently hold membership.

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