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- Have fun playing and creating music with a curated group of collaborators

- Develop personal and group abilities to write arrange tracks viable for monetization.

- Build a catalog of masters and publishing that will be monetized through royalty and sync revenue for the benefit of its participants. 


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Creative Brief

Music to picture has a purpose or a role. For simplicity sake, we’ll break it down into two sub-categories.

1) Music that drives picture

Usually the featured audio and not sharing the space with dialog, location sound, sfx, etc. Think advertisement, montage or action scene or intense situation.

2) Music that supports picture

Shares the audio space with dialog or location sound, sfx, etc. and are mostly more central for the listener.  Music supports picture by subtly and sometimes obviously affecting the atmosphere, setting, pacing and the emotional content of the melody/harmony and timbre/tone. 


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Composition & Arrangement

Length: between 1 and 3 min

Musical Genre: All including Ambient - but stick to ones that a live band can bring to life better than an in-the-box recording could. Liveliness is the strength that this catalog will have. 

Creative Reference: All your favorite music is a good starting point.

Mood: Pick one and stick to it -  or evolve the track with a "story like” arc

Solos: No long improvised solos, short and to the point if the genre permits but overall better to have flavour than proper solos.


Compositions that build and evolve from very subtle, to full-on by the end is useful too - either gradually or in 3 or 4 step-ups in energy or parts over two or three min.


- We’re looking to create tracks that upon first listen you can visualize a scene or circumstance that the track would compliment. For any production genre. From a "scripted series" or film to non-scripted (Reality, Lifestyle, Documentary, Biography, History, etc). Digital content uses can be from YouTube Creator" to "Kickstarter campaign" to web series, etc. 

- Think of an album track with all lyrical vox removed. An ideal Bedtrack. We’re also looking for tracks that can be shopped to artists,  producers, and lyricists. And tracks that lend well to remixes. 

Bedtracks Reference Example Play List- There are all kinds of genres and examples of tracks that we’ve licensed along with some remixes of recordings. I tried to stick to tracks that do well with lots of live instruments. These are just examples, we don’t have to stick to these genres at all.


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1) Participants submit sketches/composition/arrangements via Air Table spreadsheet for approval. Can be recorded on an iPhone and simple. May even be one part. YOU CAN DRAG MP3 RIGHT ONTO THE FIELD. We’ve got a lot of sketches from previous recorded jams that just need to be sifted through and 

2) Each sketch we end up recording goes from idea to recording session. Then posted back to the production flow on the same link Air Table (in the Live-CoLab tab)

3) mixing, remixing, versioning, mastering, licensing/monetizing via Bedtracks and other licensing partners.


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Writers Compensation

All participants in the process become “writers” of the recorded track with the following splits. Equal to 100% of the so-called "writers share” (50% of the total royalty and master/sync fees).

- Equal splits among musician participants 

- 100% of the "Writers Share” will be split as follows. Lead Writer of the original sketch will receive twice that of the other participants. For example, if there are 5 participants, the writers share will be divided by 6. Each musician on the recording will receive 16.6% while the Lead Writer will receive 33.3%. 

- If the track moves on to contain lyricists or remixers, then those parties may divide the shares once again into more equal parts.


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Studio and Publishers Compensation

- All fees pertaining to - studio, engineering, recording, mastering, remixing, and administration for registration with SOCAN.

- Bedtracks Inc will own all publishing and masters. Equal to 100% of the so-called “publishers share,” (50% of the total royalty and master/sync fees) 


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Licensing & Sync

Bedtracks will make best efforts to procure licensing and sync deals from the catalog, and shop relevant tunes to artists to sing and add to their projects exclusively.

Licensing & Sync

- Sync fees and royalties span a wide range and can fall into many different buckets, so it’s hard to determine; however, the math is simple - the more good tracks, the more licenses. Or sometimes there is a lucky break, and they happen to like a track for a specific use and want it exclusively. We recently had a license that was a simple blues tune (very back porch vibe with not an outstanding performance or mix) but was licensed for advertising for 20K exclusively for eight months. This is the track.

- Most licenses will range from 2 to 20 bucks but will include a royalty revenue stream from SOCAN

- Other sync licenses will be in the $100 to $2000 range

- Bedtracks payments are bi-annual for syncs and annual for blanket deals

- SOCAN payments are quarterly

Looking forward to your feedback and more recording sessions!